Wine style

Both still and sparkling wines can be made in the appellation. The temperature of the fermenting must may not exceed 15°C for still wines, while sparkling wines must be fermented in tank or bottle for at least three months. They must then be matured for at least a further six months and must also spend at least three months ageing in bottle. The wines are characterised by discreet fruitiness, notes of quince and wild pear, moderate alcohol and body and fresh acidity. Sparkling wines demonstrate fine, uniform pétillance, light, fruity notes and an ethereal finish.


This PDO is situated between the Danube and the Tisza, with its terrain essentially determined by the character of the Great Plain. The terrain is flat and less than 120 metres above sea level in most places, while height differences never exceed 10-15 metres. Ágasegyháza, Ballószög, Fülöpháza, Fülöpszállás, Helvécia, Izsák, Kunszentmiklós, Orgovány, Páhi and Szabadszállás.


The area’s climate is determined by the continental climate and is characterised by hot summers and cold winters. Average precipitation is 475mm, while the average annual temperature is 10.5°C.


Its soils are somewhat varied; while most of the area is characterised by calcareous, sandy soils (humus and drifting sand), the subsoil is buried prairie soil with some patches of calcareous loess. One peculiarity of sandy soils is that they warm up quickly and their bright colour better reflects sunlight, hence aiding grape ripening. Moreover, since they contain more than 75% quartz, they are also immune to phylloxera.

Main grape varieties

Arany sárfehér

Area of authorised grape varieties (2019)

397 hectares